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1. The bylaws of this association must contain provisions for the following:
(a) the admission of members, their rights and obligations and when they cease to be in good standing;

(b) the conditions under which Membership ceases and the manner, if any, in which a member may be expelled;

(c) the procedure for calling general meetings;

(d) the rights of voting at general meetings, whether proxy voting is allowed, and if proxy voting is allowed, provisions       for it;

(e) the appointment and removal of directors and officers and their duties, powers and remuneration, if any;

(f) the exercise of borrowing powers;

(g) the preparation and custody of minutes of meetings of the association and its directors.

2. Any changes to the bylaws must be voted upon by the members of the association.

Part 2 — Membership

3.The members of the Society are the applicants for incorporation of the Society and those persons who    subsequently have become members, in accordance with these by- laws and, in either case, have not ceased to         be members.

4. Any person, including a corporation, interested in the objects of the Society, may become a member by
(a) applying to and being accepted by the directors for Membership in the Society and
(b) paying such fees, if any, as may be determined by the directors from time to time.

5. Each member shall uphold the constitution and comply with these by-laws.

6. A person shall cease to be a member of the Society:
(1) by delivering a written resignation to the secretary of the Society or by mailing or by delivering it to the address       of the Society, or

(2) on death or in the case of a corporation, on dissolution; or

(3) on being expelled; or

(4) on having been a member not in good standing for 12 consecutive months.

(5) failing to maintain their State issued DHS card or having an expired doctor recommendation.
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