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...."When my mom started using Medical Marijuana, She is very ill, and not strong enough to stand in line for a long time"..Martha M. .
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"Great Service! Awesome people!
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"I am a long time paitient and grower. I love Cope RN 420. High Quality Product, and extremely professional service"... -
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Welcome to Cope RN 420 Cannabis Outpatient Express


Cope RN 420 is a non-profit Association specializing in providing medicinal cannabis services to Members who require in-home care. Our staff members are trained and are STATE REGISTERED health care providers. Cope RN 420 is a Membership-based Medical Marijuana Collective Association which privides discrete, caring and safe-access delivery of Top Quality Medicinal Cannabis.

Because our members are home bound due to illness or other reasons, and must rely on cannabis for medicinal use, COPE RN420 strives to bring our members the highest quality of medicinal cannabis.

Because Cope RN 420 members cultivate medicine exclusively for Cope RN 420 members, the Association is able to provide medicinal cannabis directly at compassionate and affordable prices.Using member feedback, Cope RN 420 continues to develop information that helps to provide the medicine that has the best therapeutic benefit for a specific illness or symptom like nausea..

Safe Use Orientation is offered to patients by a licensed Registered Nurse for those who may not be familiar with strain selection, dosages and methods of ingestion.The California State Board of Equalization has determined that medicinal cannabis is subject to sales tax. All medicinal products that are not dispensed through a licensed pharmacy are subject to sales tax. The current rate is 8.25%, which is included in all donations.

Cope RN 420 offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if at any time you are not satisfied with the quality of your medicine you will be refunded 100%.
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